I'm a nerd and proud of it.

I love data and analysis. And chocolate.

When I was 8 years old, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered, with total sincerity, that I wanted to grow up to be Wonder Woman. At that point, I pulled my long, dark hair into a ponytail and then spun round and round as though the transformation was going to happen right then and there. Then I fell down because I made myself dizzy.

It’s… many many years later and I still want to be Wonder Woman. Now, I may not have an invisible jet or superhuman strength (yet), but I DO have a lasso of truth. It’s called data.

I love analyzing data and finding the truth within. The story behind the algebra. Data is the great leveler of playing fields. And when properly mined, it can work wonders. It can be the stone that David (a small business owner) can use to topple Goliath (the big corporations). It can be the difference between a business staying in business and another empty building with a “for lease” sign on the window.

By day, I analyze data. At night, I analyze data. On the weekends, I used to analyze data. I’m trying to work less at the moment and focus on my family more. Mostly what I’m analyzing these days is my teenagers’ behavior.

That being said, if you give me a topic and an opportunity to do so, I will stand in front of small or large groups of people and evangelize what that data is saying. I will make you better for knowing everything you want to know about your data, and about yourself.

I am one of the few that truly loves what she does for a living and it defines who I am. It’s not always business-related… I’ve been known to A/B test onion dips at my Superbowl party, usability test my LinkedIn profile pic, and conduct primary research surveys on fun things to do with my children that don’t cost a lot of money (I’m cheap). I test and learn in all aspects of my life:

  • What’s it like to run a marathon? (Not fun)
  • Can I write a full-length novel? (Yes. Three times. No, you can’t read it.)
  • Hey is this new cookie recipe any good? (Almost always)
  • Would you mind teaching a class at [insert location here] on [digital marketing thing]? (I’d love to!)
  • Did you really major in French? (Oui)

I just published my first textbook, Digital Analytics 101. For years, DA101 was a small business I founded so that people who asked me to look at their data could pay me. I closed that business a few years ago, but wanted to keep all the content and share it. The website includes links to buy print and digital editions of the books as well as PowerPoint presentations of the content.

If you have something you want me to analyze, drop me a line. I may not have time to do it myself, but I’ll know who can. (Warning: If you want to know why something sucks, you’d better come with a spreadsheet.)

  • Quantiative and Qualitative Analysis 85%
  • Teaching and Mentoring 55%
  • Baking really delicious desserts 30%
  • Digital Marketing Awesomeness 70%
Chris Field

Dreams Come True

April is not only beautiful, talented, and smart–she’s also pretty freaking funny. She makes analytical dreams come true. -April Wilson is an analytical genius of the rarest kind. She dreams big, and then she actually does it. -If you want the best, put your money on April (that’s what he said?) -April is awesome at analytics. (And also at all aspects attributed to amazing adventures.)

Dallas Bike Works

A New World

April Wilson has opened the door to a new world for our small bike shop.  From helping us maximize the potential of our website to teaching us how best to market our business on social media sites like Facebook, Digital Analytics 101 has empowered us to take our business to a new level of success.


Skies Opened Up

As I was taking the class, the skies opened up, the light shined down on my laptop, and the angels started singing as I knew then and there that I had been exorcised of the demons of poorly planned and executed online marketing campaigns. I was now a fulfilled human being capable of planning (and implementing) an effective and complete online marketing campaign and life.

New Career Path

April has the ability to make collecting data so interesting that I ended up changing jobs to be closer to analytics. I now start off all of my conversations by asking, “What is your end goal metric and how do you determine success?” I then build a campaign backwards from there, subsequently resulting in stronger campaigns and happier customers. Now, if only I can pull of the data nerd look by wearing those awesome librarian glasses.

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